Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bike News

The next Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting will be held on 29 March, at 5:30pm on the 5th floor of City Hall. Part of the discussion will no doubt revolve around the upcoming Bicycle Master Plan revision, and will include a presentation from the City's Bicycle Consultant, Charlie Gandy.

Also, an update to the City's Bicycle Master Plan is afoot. The proposal is available, and comments are requested. (The more quickly you send them to me, the more likely I can pass them along to the City.)


  1. Michael Gentile17 March, 2012 07:40

    I haven't looked through the whole report, but I notice in the existing bike lane inventory and map that Arlington Avenue is listed as a Class II bike lane. That's completely incorrect, as anyone who has tried to ride their bike on Arlington between Magnolia and Indiana can attest. The report needs to make it clear that the segment is inadequate, and doesn't even qualify as a Class III.

    I'll try to get more comments to you as soon as I can.

  2. Michael-

    An oversight that I also noticed, and brought to the City's attention. Thanks!


  3. Michael Gentile19 March, 2012 08:33

    One thing that would help make cycling safer is to have the push buttons on the correct poles for cyclists. Too many times you have to go around the corner to the other pole to get to the push button. I would think these would be relatively inexpensive fixes. I would like to see the intersections at Mission Inn Avenue and Redwood and Mission Inn Avenue and Pine. Pine is a one-way heading north. If you ride on the right side of the street, heading north, once you get to Mission Inn Avenue, it says "Pedestrians Prohibited" so there is no push button on that side. You have to be on the other side of the street. On a one-way that's not a problem, but Pine turns into a two-way street north of that. The same thing happens on Redwood coming in the other direction.

    There may be more situations like this, but these are two that I know of and it's frustrating and unsafe and certainly not "Bicycle Friendly" (regardless of what the award says).

  4. Michael Gentile23 March, 2012 14:25

    The City Council agenda for March 27 includes an item to approve the addendum to the Bike Master Plan. Isn't this a bit premature if the Bicycle Advisory Committee isn't meeting until the 29th?

  5. Michael-

    It seems that the Addendum was filed in kind of a rush in order to qualify for CalTrans BTA funding. A more comprehensive "Program-level update" will be coming out later in April, so watch for that.