Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Transit Geekiness

If anyone is in the habit of using Google Maps, you may have noticed that RTA's Google Transit data is now represented like the data from, well, every other transit provider out there.

Yes, that's right, RTA bus stops are now indicated at the appropriate zoom level in Google Maps. You can click on each and every bus stop in RTA's service area and see the lines that serve it, and the upcoming departures for each of those lines. Coolness!


  1. And soon you'll be able to plan a trip

  2. Cary-
    Trip planning functionality has been active since late September, though you'd be forgiven for not noticing from the Google Maps page. See
    (It was also up for a brief period over the summer, but apparently that data required a transfer or two in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.)

  3. Is this the Riverside that encompasses Beaumont, Banning and Corona...?

  4. It is, yes, but this is only data for Riverside Transit Agency. While RTA does serve all the communities you listed, the primary fixed-route service in those areas doesn't lie with them. Corona is primarily served by the Corona Cruiser, and Banning and Beaumont by their respective bits of the Pass Transit system. So trip planning in those areas is limited to the areas where RTA provides service. (In Corona, this is mostly along Main north of 10th, and 6th east of Smith. In Banning and Beaumont, this is limited primarily to connections with Pass Transit at K-Mart and WalMart.)

    On the bright side, Corona Cruiser reported earlier this year that they were working on Google Transit integration, so soon that system will also be available. Pass Transit can barely build a web site, so I'm not holding my breath.

  5. ah, and that is where my original comment came from. those feeds will be available shortly. corona most likely the first, the rest to follow shortly. no promises on the date though because Google Transit is quite inundated with requests now.

  6. Wait... Pass Transit and Corona Cruiser will be up soon? Source? The Cruiser I believe, as they said they were working on it, but Pass Transit... that'd be very interesting to know.